Forged Paint: Carefully Crafted

Lee Hill

September 9 through October 8, 2017

Reception for the artist:
Fall Gallery Night
Saturday, September 9, 2017
12:00 until 9:00

Exhibition Photos


Working in mostly acrylic mediums, Hill’s paintings are made up of large scale drafted abstractions layered over bold color fields generated by various painting techniques including weathering, spray painting, pouring and staining.

Forged Paint: Carefully Crafted alludes to the definition of the word “forged” as a way to create work through intense focus or great effort. On exhibit will be recent paintings that point to a new direction in the use of color as a result of his recent studio research and visits to New York City.

Hill has described himself as an abstract painter firmly rooted within the neo-modernist movement and influenced by the universal processes involved in designing and building manmade structures across the natural and urban landscapes. His work is defined by both sharp and soft lines that extend from edge to edge on the canvas resulting in a language of mark making that symbolically alludes to man’s interaction with his environment in both historical and contemporary contexts.

The artist has acknowledged his roots in abstract hardedge painting particularly in the work of various contemporary working artists such Carmen Herrera, Carrie Moyer, Cecil Touchon and Caio Fonseca. Another influence is within the Manifesto of Canadian artist Andre Durand who writes that, “The Neo-Modern Manifesto sets out a programme for a revitalized approach to art founded on art history, discipline, and philosophy. Neo-Modernism sees art as an expression of the most sublime spiritual principles and interpretations of the universe and man’s existence, in line with the belief that the reality we live in is but a mirror of a deeper one that can only be reached through inspiration and imagination.”

In addition to his work as a painter, Hill is also a longtime Associate Principal at Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Architects in Fort Worth, Texas. He has been the lead project architect on well-known local landmarks such as the TCU Brown Lupton University Union (BLUU), Arborlawn United Methodist Church, Temple Beth-el and project designer for the ongoing conversion of the historic Fort Worth Masonic Home School into the new home campus for ACH Child and Family Services.