Sweat Saves Blood

Rob Caslin

September 10 through October 9

Reception for the artist:
Gallery Night, September 10, 12:00 - 9:00

Exhibition Photos

Sweat Saves Blood is an exhibition of interlocking bodies of work haunted by malevolent forces. Composed of works from three distinct series to create a tripartite apparatus, this installation intones psychic violence and the dissolution of spatial form.

The exhibition unfolds in a linear sequence as viewers negotiate the interiors of the gallery space. The first two rooms contain text-based works designated as War Graffiti. These pieces reference modern and contemporary military strategies, combat slang, quotes from military commanders and random phrases. Grouped together they suggest a narrative of provocation in which the internal and external have collapsed into multiple conflicts.

The third space is posited as a transitional zone, which bridges the beginning and end of the gallery space. Painted images of immense, morphing geological forms band the walls creating an expansive landscape. Influenced by Digital Elevation Models [DEM], Thematic Mapper Imagery [TM] and Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles [DOQ] these works represent shifting hallucinatory surface features implying Psychotropic Topographies.

The installation terminates in the fourth space, which is occupied by a large freestanding Disaggregated Spatial Form oscillating between a structural network and a conduit system. This work is extrapolated from an isometric projection of a closed loop schematic composed along a nine-square gridded wireframe. The displacement of the cubic volume creates an obdurate hybrid with the potential of fortification or shelter.