Material Dialogues: Objects of MY Affection

Kelly Ingleright-Telgenhoff

March 25 through April 30

Reception for the artist:
Spring Gallery Night
Saturday, March 25
12:00 until 9:00

Exhibition Photos

Material Dialogues features representational (and some abstract) paintings and drawings that possess a certain type of beauty or evoke a type of desire and longing for the artist. The title also references an interest in visual and actual textures as a means to entice the viewer. Each elevated object in the artist’s paintings possesses a double meaning for which the viewer may search.

Overall, the single figure (or object) depicted in the paintings and drawings references an area, place, subject or object the artist adores for one reason or another. A certain level of longing, nostalgia or loneliness permeates the works at times, while a quiet, Zen-like ambiance overrides the entire show due to the overall atmospheric quality expressed. The non-representational oil paintings and encaustic works reference the same points as the objective works – a sort of melancholy longing and beauty rising to the surface and the domination of textural interest. Beauty of the object is paramount in most of the paintings and drawings; however, it is not the only facet of consideration for the artist and viewer. The artist does have an interest in time, entropy and quantum physics which may surface, literally and figuratively for those interested in these theories via the subjects chosen.