Timeless: Contemporary Configurations

Barbara Arabian, Rachel Black, Elizabeth Fieler,
Katie Murray, Austin Queen

March 28 through May 3

Reception for the artists
Spring Gallery Night, Saturday March 28, 2:00 9:00

Exhibition Photos

Timeless: Contemporary Configurations is a modern exploration and interpretation of the figure. Each artist featured shares an interest in the language of painting, in resolved versus eclipsed image areas, and the juxtaposition of surface and spatial illusion.

The use of the informal snapshot as subject provides an additional link, posing the question of whether the subject is the figure or the photo itself. There is a sense of nostalgia and universal familiarity presented with these configurations of people and place, past and present. Timeless: Contemporary Configurations presents a collection of works that allow us a new perspective on ourselves, on our pasts, and how looking back shapes our identities going forward.